Energy Saving Window Blinds and Shutters

Rising energy costs and the need to reduce carbon footprints has made energy efficiency a top priority. Solar shading is a cost-effective solution to tackle overheating in high-performing buildings.

Solar shading significantly reduces the need for mechanical air conditioning. Aircon does not have an effect on radiant heat exchange and can also negatively impact indoor air quality. Using solar shading and less air conditioning saves energy and saves you money.

Homes lose heat through windows in four main ways:

It has been noted by the UK government that shutters and blinds can act as an energy saving technology, helping to reduce the level of heat loss through one of four main ways:

  • Conduction – Directly losing heat through the window itself
  • Convection – The window’s cold surface cools the air circling round the room
  • Radiation or re-radiation – The cold glass absorbs the heat from the air in the room
  • Air leakage – Loss of warmth through gaps around the window frame or glazing
Changing The Way We Think About Window Treatments

With climate change proving to be a constant in today’s world, the days are now long gone when seasons are so clearly defined, so knowing how to improve the energy efficiency of our homes is now a major consideration.

Windows are a known source of heat loss in properties and choosing the correct window treatment can provide much needed insulation. Shutters and blinds are more than just an aesthetic choice, they are also an energy saving one.

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