How do I keep my home cool in summer?

Air your house in the morning before the sun has stared heating everything up – opening windows to allow the natural wind to blow through your house is the best way to remove the warm air.

Close your blinds – sounds simple but often blinds are opened in the daytime when the sun is at its strongest and causing the most solar heat gain through your windows. Keeping the blinds closed will help to reduce the heat build up.

What blinds are best – any blind helps but white or lighter colour blinds will reflect more damaging UV from the sun. Some blinds are available with UV reflective backings which can help and also blinds such as Duette or Honeycomb blinds have a cellular structure that acts as a barrier between the temperature difference outside and inside. These help insulate your home in winter to.

The best approach to reducing solar heat gain is to stop the UV before it hits your windows, this can often be achieved by using external awnings or external roller blinds

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