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The best patio awnings for small spaces

Patio awnings for small spaces

Apart from its functional characteristics, a sun protection system should be above all pleasing to the eye and perfectly complement the style of house. With restrained colours, chrome and stainless steel fittings, a plethora of patterned and plain fabrics and an award-winning design, a markilux awning is elevated to the level of perfect solar protection system and chic accessory to adorn both garden and house.

On top of that, optional extras cater for more comfort and more atmosphere.Whether it’s the cozy warmth of the markilux heater, additional protection thanks to the shadeplus function or prolonged evenings outside by virtue of the integrated lighting – markilux awnings are made individually to order. No requirements are left unfulfilled.

Whether it’s a case of awnings for patios and balconies, for windows and conservatories or for areas that need shading in the middle of the garden  – markilux offers a multitude of options for both sun and wet weather protection.

Cassette Awnings

Whats a cassette awning?

A cassette awning is the right choice for use in the UK, especially if you require maximum protection for your cherished awning.

With a markilux cassette awning you’re protected whatever the weather. When the awning is retracted, the cassette completely encompasses the awning cover and provides the best possible protection from wind and weather.

Markilux patio awning
Markilux 990 patio awning for small spaces

The standard cassette awning can be the perfect addition to your patio. We offer many options with and without lighting and heaters.

The compact markilux 990 awning is often the preferred awning for smaller patios areas. The compact construction with the U-shaped front profile in which the folding arms and awning cover disappear, make this awning best suited for smaller patios and balconies

Stretch Awnings

Whats a stretch awning?

Markilux stretch awnings are the ideal choice for long thin spaces. They have special arms that allow the awning to have a larger projection than width making them perfect for your thin patio.

Markilux 1600 stretch
Markilux 1600 stretch
Markilux 730 drop arm awning
Markilux 730 drop arm awning

Drop arm awnings

Why a drop arm awning?

If you need internal shading from your awning, a drop arm awning may be what you are looking for.

Drop arm awnings offer effective protection against the often blinding rays of the sun and prevent the room from heating up so maintaining a pleasant living environment.

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