SHY ZIP Rooflight blind
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SHY ZIP rooflight blinds

SHY ZIP rooflight blinds

Rooflight blinds can be designed and manufactured by SHY to fit virtually any size, shape, angle or age of window. Utilising a wide choice of blind fabrics, every level of shading, through to full dim-out can be achieved.

SHY rooflight blinds are used in many commercial installations as well as high-end domestic situations. They are ideal when rooflights or skylights are used to provide much needed light but want to be able to control the amount of light and heat that could cause problems for the building and its occupants.

When combined with SHY’s ZIP channel, the fabric is guided so it always retracts exactly square, every time so can be used on long thin rooflights whilst their fabric tension system (FTS) ensures that wide and/or long blinds operate without sagging or rippling. 

If you would like advice on the type of shading solution best for your rooflight or skylight, please do contact us for advise.

Here are some of our recent installations featuring SHY rooflight systems.

SHY ZIP Battery Solar rooflight blind

SHY ZIP FTS mains powered rooflight blind

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